Living “life on life” and “life on mission”


Our mission as a church is to “Lead people into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.”  Our primary way of doing this is through groups.  Groups are smaller gatherings that provide bigger impact in people’s lives. Groups are a place where people live “life on life” and “life on mission”. The key elements of groups are:


FAMILY – We are a church family. We are a gathering of believers brought into a spiritual family through the love of the Father, mission of the Son and equipping of the Spirit.

DISCIPLESHIP – Groups are the main venue for people to grow in their understanding and living out of the gospel. Mature believers alongside new believers, walking with each other in day to day life.

GOSPEL CENTRED – The gospel should be at the center of our life as believers. Unlike groups which may gather to accomplish a study, missional groups will continually refresh themselves and learn to teach one-another through gospel fluency. We will endeavour to live out the gospel.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT / APPRENTICING – Ministry leadership is not within a select few, but a part of every follower of Jesus making up the body of Christ. It’s our desire to have an apprentice leader in each group. An apprentice being invested in and eventually sent out to build future groups.

EVANGELISM – As a group of sent missionaries and servants living on mission, groups are to have open hearts and lives to live the gospel and share the gospel with those who have yet to hear it. Groups will be in constant contact with those outside the church and purposefully engaging with their communities, friends and families.

RHYTHM – We don’t see groups as an “add on” to our lives but instead a natural extension of what we are already doing incorporating in the elements of eat, story, listen, gospel and celebrate. It’s about the everyday stuff of life.

MISSION – Groups will be “on mission” with each other. Determining a unique mission outside themselves to serve and minister to others.


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