For some reason, it feels like we have been meeting for much longer than three weeks – maybe that’s what happens when you’re eagerly anticipating something for so long. It might also be that, for such a relatively short period of time, there have been so many stories to share (and I’m not tired of sharing them yet). So, here are a few updates to encourage you, and (hopefully) bring us to the front of your mind to ask that you would be mindful to pray for Mission Hill Church and our church family.

We’ve had two awesome opportunities to serve our community, which have been greatly appreciated (it’s also been a joy to serve alongside one another in our new home). Even with a handful of passionate volunteers, Mission Hill has made a splash in the community. In many ways, it feels like God sent us to love a community that everyone else forgot – we’re grateful for tangible  ways to show Christ’s love to our new community. It’s amazing how quickly the community association feels like home, and how meeting in a public space has opened up new partnerships, serving opportunities, and perspectives of church.

Church Family
We wanted to provide a season to acclimatize to our new community, so we have been doing a series (“Family of God”) in order to unpack what it means to be a church family. We look forward to capping the series off on November 29 with a Family Life Sunday (Baptisms, Child Dedications, and Stories) and a Potluck – ‘nothing better than a potluck.’

I cannot stop sharing just how evident God’s leading and provision has been in bringing us to Riverbend – and the many, many, ways he has been reminding us that he loves Riverbend and has been working there long before Mission Hill Church rolled in. Again and again, the Lord is convicting me to pray – pray first, last, and all the way in between – because God is doing an awesome work to establish his church. If that sounds a little vague, it is simply because I do not feel at liberty (or like there is enough room in one update) to share every story online – but, if you’d like to hear more, I’d gladly share with you over a cup of coffee.  Seriously!

So, I’d sincerely take this opportunity to ask you to join us in praying for Riverbend and Mission Hill Church.  Here are some things to be praying for with us:

  • Public Launch – we’ll be putting out the signs (literally) soon and advertising within the community. Pray for sleepy Christians to be reawakened. Pray for growth within our new church home.

  • Favour – it is great to have the favour of our community contacts, so we pray that continues.  But, please also pray this continues as we boldly share Jesus.  We planted to share Jesus, and we’re chopping at the bit to do so!  Personally, I desire that the same good reputation MTC has had in McKenzie Towne would be quickly established for Mission Hill Church.

  • The Gospel – for a clear presentation of the gospel in all we do! (We pray the same for our sending church, McKenzie Towne Church).  Pray that we would never forget to see people who need Jesus in the busyness of doing church.