Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights!

In the 5/6 zone, we think life is all about exploring the unknown!

And we love exploring life's biggest questions: about God, about ourselves, and about the crazy world we live in!

So come and explore with us!

Classroom: Sunday @ 9 & 11 in the Garage!

Upcoming Events Schedule!

1st Wednesday/Month: Offsite event

3rd Wednesday/Month: @ Church

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5/6 Classroom series

Our goal is to give students the tools to read and understand the Bible on their own for a life-long journey of learning!

Check out this video as we walk through "God's Big Story" from Genesis to Revelation!

We are beginning our series in Exodus!

Exodus is a foundational story for understanding the entire Bible, the hopes of God's people, and the person of Jesus!

We would love for families to engage at home and we strongly recommend you read through the Exodus story as a family!

Use these resources and videos below, including the new Bible Project Podcast on Exodus and their App!